Recent Publications

International journals with reviewing committee
    • Emge D.K., Vialatte F.B., Dreyfus G., Adalı T., Independent Vector Analysis for SSVEP Signal Enhancement, Detection, and Topographical Mapping. Brain Topography, in press.
    • La Corte V., Sperduti M., Malherbe C., Vialatte F., Lion S., Gallarda T., Oppenheim C., Piolino P. Cognitive Decline and Reorganization of Functional Connectivity in Healthy Aging: The Pivotal Role of the Salience Network in the Prediction of Age and Cognitive Performances. Front Aging Neurosci. 2016, 8:204.
    • Solé-Casals J., Vialatte F.B., Towards Semi-Automatic Artifact Rejection for the Improvement of Alzheimer’s Disease Screening from EEG Signals. Sensors 2015, 15(8):17963-17976.
    • Houmani N., Dreyfus G., Vialatte F.B., Epoch-based entropy for early screening of Alzheimer’s disease, International Journal of Neural Systems, 2015, 25(8):1550032.
    • Gallego-Jutglà E., Solé-Casals J., Vialatte F.B., Elgendi M., Cichocki A., Dauwels J., A hybrid feature selection approach for the early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Journal of Neural Engineering, 2015, 12(1):016018.
    • Gallego-Jutglà E, Solé-Casals J, Vialatte FB, Dauwels J, Cichocki A. A Theta-Band EEG Based Index for Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease. J Alzheimers Dis., 2015, 43(4):1175-84.
Newspaper articles
    • Arns M., Batail J.-M., Bioulac S., ongedo M., Daudet C., Drapier D., Fovet T., Jardri R., Le Van Quyen M., Lotte F., Mehler D., Micoulaud Franchi J.-A., Perper-Ouakil D., Vialatte F. Neurofeedback: one of today’s techniques in psychiatry. L’encéphale, S0013-7006(16)30275-5.
    • Gaume A., Vialatte A., Mora-Sánchez A., Ramdani C., Vialatte F.B., A psychoengineering paradigm for the neurocognitive mechanisms of biofeedback and neurofeedback. Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews, 2016, 68:891-910.
    • Solé-Casals J., Vialatte F.B., Dauwels J. Alternative Techniques of Neural Signal Processing in Neuroengineering. Cogn Comput, 2015, 7(1):1–2.
International conferences with reviewing committee
    • Lachaud L., Raoult A., Trousselard M., Vialatte F.B. Electroencephalogram Study of Change Blindness in Mindful Subjects. ICCN 2017, Paris, France.
    • Mora Sánchez A., Gaume A., Dreyfus G., Vialatte F.B., A Cognitive Brain-Computer Interface Prototype For The Continuous Monitoring Of Visual Working Memory Load. 25th IEEE MLSP international workshop, September 17-20, Boston, USA, 2015.
    • Emge D.K., Vialatte F.B., Dreyfus G., Adali T., Independent vector analysis for SSVEP signal enhancement, CISS 49th conference, 18-20 March, Baltimore, MD, USA, 2015. (citations = 5)
    • Abbasi M.A., Gaume A., Francis N., Dreyfus G., Vialatte F.B., Fast Calibration of a Thirteen-command BCI by Simulating SSVEPs from Trains of Transient VEPs – Towards Time-domain SSVEP BCI Paradigms. 7th International IEEE/EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering, Montpellier, France, April 22-24 2015.
    • Gaume A., Abbasi M.A., Dreyfus G., Vialatte F.-B., Towards Cognitive BCI: Neural Correlates of Sustained Attention in a Continuous Performance Task. 7th International IEEE/EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering, Montpellier, France, April 22-24 2015.
Invited Conferences
    • Vialatte F.B., Neurofeedback et approche dimensionnelle : vers une « EEGcopée » sur le modèle de la pharmacopée ? 2ème journée nationale sur le neurofeedback, ESPCI Paris, France, January 2017.
    • Vialatte F.B., Modèle d’apprentissage en neurofeedback : de l’intégration du signal à la plasticité cérébrale. 1ère journée nationale sur le neurofeedback, ICM, Paris, France, January 2016. Rediffusion Youtube
    • Vialatte F.B., Towards cognitive brain-computer interfaces. University of Vic, 1st Biomedical Day, 2015, Vic, Spain.


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