Sophie PEZET

Associate Professor of physiology, ESPCI

Brain Plasticity Laboratory
10 rue Vauquelin
75231 Paris cedex 5 France
Phone: + 33 (0) 1 40 79 51 70
Mail: sophie.pezet (arobase)

Research interests

Over the last 15 years, I have been involved in several aspects of the pain research field: i) the development and validation of new clinically-relevant animal models of persistent pain, ii) the discovery of molecular mechanisms underlying some of this plasticity and iii) the development and validation of a new technique of neuroimaging to better study this plasticity.

Recently, I had the unique opportunity to be at the centre of new technological achievement. While collaborating actively with the team of Mickael Tanter, who developed the technique of ultrafast ultrasound Doppler (Mace et al., 2013), we used this highly resolved technique to image functional connectivity in the adult rodent brain (Osmanski et al., 2014). Recently, using bio-compatible micro-bubbles as a contrast agent, we performed functional imaging through the intact skull (Errico et al., 2016) and further improved the technique by imaging with super-resolution (Errico et al., 2015) in the live rat brain. Finally, it is possible to perform fUS imaging in awake and freely moving animals. This is now possible (Tiran et al., 2017) in mice.

Our team is currently using molecular, behavioural and imaging approaches to improve our understanding of altetred brain function in chronic pain disorders.


2014 Prize from the ‘Fondation Unité-Guerra-Beaudoin-Lambrecht-Maiano’ de l’Institut de France for her work in the field of Pain research


INSERM U979, Institut Langevin, Paris
Mickael Tanter

Institut Alesia, Paris
Zsolt Lenkei

I. Yalcin

Institut de génomique fonctionnelle, Montpellier
C. Goudet

INSERM U766, Clermont Ferrand, France
F. Marchand et A. Eschalier

Institut de la vision
A. Reaux-Le-Goazigo

King’s College London, London Pain consortium
SB. McMahon

King’s College London, UK
M. Malcangio

University of Kentucky, USA
G. Smith

Current students
    • Line Rahal : PhD (2015-2018), co-direction with Mickael Tanter
    • Julien Claron : Master 2 BIP (Université Paris VI, Pierre et Marie Curie)
Previous students
    • Christelle Durant : PhD (2012-2015, co-direction with Alexandra Semont IRSN)
    • Augustin Arnion : Master 2 BIP (2014-2015)
    • Clémence Foray : DUT génie génétique (2014-2015)
    • Morgan Palud : DUT génie génétique (2013-2014)
    • Ines Arib : Master 1 BIP (2014)
    • Kejian Wang : Etudiant ESPCI 3eme année (2014)
    • Sarah Moitrier : Etudiant ESPCI 3eme année (2013)
    • Tiran E, Ferrier J, Deffieux T, Gennisson JL, Pezet S, Lenkei Z, Mickaël Tanter: 2017 Transcranial functional ultrasound imaging in freely-moving awake mice and anesthetized young rats without contrast agent through the intact skull. Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology. (In press)
    • Gautier A, Ouaraki HE, Bazin N, Salam S, Vodjdani G, Bourgoin S, Pezet S, Bernard JF, Hamon M: 2016 Lentiviral vector-driven inhibition of 5-HT synthesis in B3 bulbo-spinal serotonergic projections Consequences on nociception, inflammatory and neuropathic pain in rats. Exp Neurol. 288 : 11-24.
    • Thibault K, Rivière S, Lenkei Z, Férézou I¶, Pezet S¶. 2016 Orofacial Neuropathic Pain Leads to a Hyporesponsive Barrel Cortex with Enhanced Structural Synaptic Plasticity. PLoS One. Aug 22;11(8):e0160786. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0160786. ¶ These authors equally directed this work.
    • Errico C, Osmanski BF, Pezet S, Couture O, Lenkei Z, Tanter M.: 2016 Transcranial Functional Ultrasound Imaging Using Ultrafast Doppler with Microbubbles. Neuroimage 1;124(Pt A):752-61. doi: 10.1016/j.
    • Errico C, Pierre J, Pezet S, Desailly Y, Lenkei Z, Couture O, Tanter M.: 2015 Ultrafast ultrasound localization microscopy for dynamic vascular imaging of the living brain at the capillary scale. Nature. 26;527(7579):499-502. doi: 10.1038/nature16066.
    • D’Mello R, Sand C, Pezet S, Leiper JM, McMahon SB, PhD, Dickenson AH, Manasi Nandi M.: 2015 Dimethylarginine dimethylaminohydrolase-1 is involved in spinal nociceptive plasticity. Pain Oct;156(10):2052-60.
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    • Thibault K, Calvino B, Dubacq S, Roualle-de-Rouville M, Isabelle Rivals I, Pezet S: 2012 Cortical effect of Oxaliplatin associated with sustained neuropathic pain: exacerbation of cortical activity and down-regulation of potassium channel expression in somatosensory cortex. Pain Aug;153(8):1636-47.
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