Sophie PEZET : Head of the emerging team PNA

Sophie PEZET, Lecturer at ESPCI Paris, has headed the PNA (Pain and Neural Adaptation) team since 1 January 2017. Its current members are Miguel THIBAUT, ATER at ESPCI; Line RAHAL, in joint thesis with the Langevin Institute and Julien CLARON, on a Master 2 internship. Sophie PEZET becomes the 6th head of the Brain Plasticity Unit. Her research theme is Cerebral Plasticity Associated with Hypersensitivity Diseases.
(Photo from left to right: M. THIBAUT, S. PEZET, J. CLARON, L. RAHAL)


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Friday 29 September 2017 - Ralf Stanewsky (University of Münster, Germany)


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