Karim Benchenane - Memory, Oscillations and Brain states


The aim of the MOBs team, headed by Karim BENCHENANE since 2012, is to study brain states and their related oscillatory modes.

More specifically, we aim to understand the origin and regulation of the many different states that can be observed during wakefulness and sleep and in particular their role in memory processing.

This is achieved in the team by using electrophysiology in freely moving mice in vivo and in slice ex-vivo, both approaches being coupled with optogenetic tools. We also use brain computer interfaces to manipulate memory both during wakefulness and during sleep.

The research team has received awards from the ATIP program, the Emergence Grant of the city of Paris and recently the ERC consolidator Grant. We are currently investigating four different topics:

    • First we intend to use our recently developed brain computer interface to study and manipulate memories of aversive experience during sleep
    • We also intend to study the role of 4Hz oscillation in the prefrontal cortex during fear conditioning
    • We are developing a brain computer interface in order to manipulate slow oscillations during sleep (collaboration with a start-up Rythm)
    • We are investigating the role of the cortical control of VLPO on sleep regulation with ex vivo and in vivo electrophysiological techniques coupled with optogenetic tools.

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Unit Director
Thomas PREAT
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Philippe FAURE
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Hélène Geoffroy
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