Séminaires 2023
    • Jeudi 16 Mars, à 11h - Amphithéâtre Charpak
      Pierre Le Merre
      Functional maps of the mouse prefrontal cortex
Séminaires 2022
    • Jeudi 13 Octobre, à 11h - Amphithéâtre Boreau
      Raouf Issa
      Two for the price of one : the post-developmental role of Hox genes in maintaining behavior in larval and adult flies
    • Mardi 5 Avril, à 10h30 - Amphithéâtre Boreau
      Sabin Levi from Institut du Fer à Moulin, Paris
      Fine-tuning of nascent and mature GABAergic synapses by the adenosine and WNK signaling
Séminaires 2019
    • Jeudi 10 Janvier 2019 - Amphithéâtre Schutzenberger
      Nicholas Foulkes from Heidelberg
      Evolution without the Sun : Circadian Clocks and DNA repair in Blind Cavefish
    • Jeudi 28 Février 2019 - Amphithéâtre Holweck
      Dr. Anat Arzi
      Processing and learning under loss of consciousness : sleep and disorders of consciousness
    • Jeudi 28 Mars 2019 - Amphithéâtre Boreau
      Dr. François Leulier from ENS Lyon
      Host-Microbiota Mutualism upon Chronic Undernutrition : Lessons from gnotobiotic animal models
    • Jeudi 25 Avril 2019 - Amphithéâtre Charpak
      Dr. Gabrielle Girardeau from Institut du Fer-a-Moulin à Paris
      Neural mechanisms of memory consolidation during sleep
    • Jeudi 23 Mai 2019 - Amphithéâtre Charpak
      Pr. Alain Berthoz from Collège de France
      Plasticity or vicarious learning ? The multiplicity of cognitivestrategies, diagnostic paradigms, and neurological or psychiatric deficitscompensation
    • Jeudi 13 Juin 2019 - Amphithéâtre Charpak
      Iva Zovkic from University of Toronto
      Untangling the role of histone variants in memory
    • Lundi 16 Septembre 2019 - Amphithéâtre Boreau
      Adrien PEYRACHE from McGill university
      A link between dynamics and function in the brain’s navigation system
    • Jeudi 21 Novembre 2019 - Amphi Boreau
      Stefano Palminteri from ENS
      The construction and deconstruction of irrational preference through range adapting reinforcement learning
Séminaires 2018
    • Vendredi 17 Janvier 2018 - 11H00 - Amphithéâtre XXX

Stéphane Valerio (INSERM U1215 - Université de Bordeaux)
Metabolic fluxes in the Drosophila nervous system

    • Vendredi 23 Février 2018 - 11H00 - Amphithéâtre Urbain

James Hodge (Ecole de Physiologie - Pharmacologie et Neuroscience - Université de Bristol - Royaume-Uni)
The small but tractable Drosophila brain : from basic mechanisms to modelling disease

    • Vendredi 23 Mars 2018 - 11H00 - Amphithéâtre Schutzenberger

Dr Stephen B McMahon ( King’s College London - Royaume-Uni)
Optical imaging of peripheral and central nociceptive pathways in vivo

    • Vendredi 30 Mars 2018 - 11H00 - Amphithéâtre Schutzenberger

Pr Paul Taghert
How the brain encodes time

    • Monday, July 9th at 14:30 PM - Amphithéâtre Schutzenberger

Dr Frank Hirth ( Reader in Evolutionary Neuroscience, King’s College London - Royaume-Uni)
From stem cells to behaviour : neural mechanisms and computations of action selection in Drosophila

    • Thursday, December 20th at 1PM - Amphithéâtre Schutzenberger

Pr. Stefanie Schirmeier (Institute for Neuro- and Behavioral Biology, University of Münster, Germany)
Metabolic fluxes in the Drosophila nervous system


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