The Vetere lab opened in August 2018 !
Gisella Vetere is the new recruited professor at ESPCI in the Brain Plasticity Unit.

 We are looking for motivated PhD and Master students that are interested in studying how spatial and emotional memories are stored in the brain. We are using cutting edge technologies like optogenetics, chemogenetic and in vivo imaging in freely behaving mice.

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– Watson AES, de Almeida MMA, Dittmann NL, Li Y, Torabi P, Footz T, Vetere G, Galleguillos D, Sipione S, Cardona AE, Voronova A. Fractalkine (...) 

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When a memory is formed, the brain undergoes a substantial rearrangement to support the consolidation of the memory trace and its recall at a (...) 

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